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Since 2007, Rhino Tuff tanks has been part of a diverse, family-owned group of companies centered on premium rotationally molded products. Today, we operate out of more than 180,000 sq ft of manufacturing and warehouse facilities in beautiful Maple Lake, MN. We take pride in conducting business with integrity by holding ourselves accountable to you, our customer, in all areas of value: quality, service, and reliability. Striving to make our word more than just a promise. Our mission is to be the stackable tank and fluid handling equipment brand of choice.


Rotational Molding is a plastic forming method that converts plastic resin into a hollow mass through high-temperature rotation which coats the interior of a mold to the desired exterior form. This is why the process is called “rotational molding” – the mold rotates on all axes throughout the entire heating process and continues through the rotation until cooled. Unlike other plastic molding processes (such as Thermal, Injection or Blow Molding), Roto-Molding results in a much more durable and flexible product with seamless and consistent wall thickness. This molding process also distributes more material to corners and edges than other molding methods to help absorb shock and stress where they occur most. Since the material isn’t stressed during the roto-molding process, the finished product is stronger, more flexible and less susceptible to cracking.

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